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Function algebra on a disk

Authors: Kieu, Phuong ChiKeywords: Function algebraIssue Date: 2002Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 18;No. 3 (2002)Abstract: In this paper we prove the theorem, on approximation of continous function algebra on a disk. This result is an extension of the Werner's one.Description: p. 1-4URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/58421ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

On fd-cap sets in convex growth hyperspaces of convex n-cell

Authors: Ta, Khac CuKeywords: fd-cap sets;hyperspaces;convex n-cellIssue Date: 2002Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 18;No. 3 (2002)Abstract: If X is a convex n-cell, n > 2. then every non-trivial convex growth polyhedron hyperspace G is an fd-cap set in the closure c of G in C C { X ) .Description: p. 5-9URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/58422ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

Dynamically reconfiguration architecture for embedded systems using Kaffe

Authors: Vu, Quang Dung
Nguyen, Viet Ha
To, Van KhanhKeywords: Dynamically reconfiguration architecture;embedded systemsIssue Date: 2007Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 23;No. 1 (2007)Abstract: In designing embedded systems, the exploration and synthesis of different design altematives and co-verification of a specific implementation are the most demanding tasks. Kaffe, an open-source technology, provides a platform for building a runtime environment and integrating different design methodologies. Integrating Kaffe into embedded systems is the cornerstone of java-like technologies, allowing possibilities such as the development of portable programs on mobile devices. In this paper, we introduce a co-design environment based on Kaffe vvhich supports the specification and prototyping o f dynamically reconfigurable embedded systems.Description: p. 15-21URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/57477ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

Eliminating on the divergences o f the photon self - energy diagram in (2+1) dimensional quantum electrodynamics

Authors: Nguyen, Suan Han
Nguyen, Nhu XuanKeywords: divergences;photon self - energy diagram;(2+1) dimensional quantum electrodynamicsIssue Date: 2007Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 23;No. 1 (2007)Abstract: The divergence of the photon self-energy diagram in spinor quantum electrodynamics in (2 + 1) dimensional space time- (QEDs) is studied by the Pauli-Villars regularization and dimensional regularization. Results obtained by two different methods are coincided if the gauge invariant of theory is considered carefully step by step in these calculations.Description: p. 22-27URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/57481ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

Role of energetic disorder on diffusion in one-dimensional systems

Authors: Trinh, Van Mung
Pham, Khac HungKeywords: diffusion;amorphous solid;disordered one-dimension;simulation;blocking effectIssue Date: 2011Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 27;No. 1 (2011)Abstract: The simulation of dynamical process of target particles in one-dimensional lattice is carried out for two types of energetic disorders. The particles are non-interacting except that ttre double occupancy is forbidden. It is found that the diffusion quantities such as the correlation factor and averaged time between two subsequent jumps are quite different for the lattices of site and transition disorders. However, the diffusion constant of both lattices is close to each other. Closed value of diffusion constant is obtained for the lattice with random distributed barriers. At the wide temperahue range the diffusivity follows the Arrhenius law. The blocking effect decreases the correlation factor and activation energy. These two opposite factors lead to appearance of…

A unified plagiarism detection framework

Authors: Nguyen, Xuan Toi
Nguyen, Viet Hung
Pham, Bao SonKeywords: plagiarism detection;copied documents;similarityIssue Date: 2011Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 27;No. 1 (2011)Abstract: With the rapid growth of information technology, Internet and digital libraries have been developing so fast that illegal copying of documents is becoming easier and more popular. A challenging question is how to identify documents with similar content which are candidate of plagiarism. There are several approaches for estimating the similarity between two documents and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. An approach may be effective in one domain but may not work in others. In this paper, we propose a unified plagiarism detection framework that can identify which approach works most effectively in a new domain. Experimental results on three different corpora for different languages have demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach. 'Description: p.55-62URI: ht…

Detection o f the location o f the hazard during and after the design o f combinational circuits

Authors: Nguyen, Quy ThuongKeywords: Composite plate;bending;steady heat transfer;polymer PVCIssue Date: 2012Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 28;No. 2 (2012)Abstract: Composite material with polymer matrix - titanium particle is qidely applied in Vietnam, today. In this paper, the bending of thin polymer composite plate with Titanium particles under the effect of the steady temperature field is investigated. The paper has established the boundary problem of a simply supported composite plate reinforced by particles under the influence of steady heat transfer process.Description: p. 77-83URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/56346ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

Some new combinatorial algorithms with appropriate representations of solutions

Authors: Hoang, Chi Thanh
Nguyen, Quang ThanhKeywords: combinatorial algorithms;representationsIssue Date: 2012Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 28;No. 1 (2012)Abstract: Combinatorial problems are those problems, whose requirements are an association of some conditions. The construction of efficient algorithms to find solutions of the combinatorial problems is still an interesting matter. In this paper, we choose appropriate representations for desirable solutions of the permutation problem and the partition problem. Then we sort the representations of a problem's solutions in the alphabetical order. Owing to it we construct two new algorithms for quickly finding all solutions of these problems.Description: p. 1-10URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/56347ISSN: 2588-1124Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

Monitoring Environmental Parameters through GPRS Network

Authors: Do, Trung Kien
Dam, Trung ThongKeywords: Enviromental Parameters;Data Acquisition System;GPRS;MySQL DatabaseIssue Date: 2014Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHNSeries/Report no.: Vol. 30;No. 1 (2014)Abstract: This paper presents a data acquisition system which is used to monitor the information of the temperature and the humidity environment and to log these data to the server through GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) network. And then, users could access these data from anywhere when they go to a normal website through the internet network. Because this system is able to connect many sensors in order to collect many environmental parameters at different positions in long period, it is potential benefit for environmentalist and meteorologist of their research. Furthermore, the cost of this system is very cheap with 50 USD for one; it is very useful for the researchers in the developing countries in whichVietnamis one.Description: p. 50-56URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handl…

Thiền & Trà đạo

Hình ảnh
Authors: Phụng SơnKeywords: Thiền;Trà đạo;Giáo lýIssue Date: 2012Publisher: Viện Nghiên cứu Phật học Việt NamDescription: Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Phật học. Số 2/2012 ; 5 tr. ; TNS07686URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/55133Appears in Collections:Nghiên cứu Phật học và Phật hoàng Trần Nhân Tông (LIC)

Suy nghĩ về hai chữ Hạnh phúc

Hình ảnh
Authors: Lê, ĐànKeywords: Phật giáo;Giáo lýIssue Date: 2012Publisher: Viện Nghiên cứu Phật học Việt NamDescription: Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Phật học. Số 2/2012 ; 2 tr. ; TNS07697URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/55176Appears in Collections:Nghiên cứu Phật học và Phật hoàng Trần Nhân Tông (LIC)

Thăm vườn Kỳ thọ viên Cấp Cô Độc - Ấn Độ

Hình ảnh
Authors: Phùng, Anh TuấnKeywords: Phật giáo;Ấn ĐộIssue Date: 2012Publisher: Viện Nghiên cứu Phật học Việt NamDescription: Tạp chí nghiên cứu Phật học. Số 4. Năm 2012. TNS07736URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/55251Appears in Collections:Nghiên cứu Phật học và Phật hoàng Trần Nhân Tông (LIC)

Bàn về chữ Hiếu qua Kinh Vu Lan

Hình ảnh
Authors: Thích Nguyên HiềnKeywords: Kinh Vu Lan;Chữ HiếuIssue Date: 2012Publisher: Viện Nghiên cứu Phật học Việt NamDescription: Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Phật học. Số 5. Năm 2012. TNS07738URI: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/55253Appears in Collections:Nghiên cứu Phật học và Phật hoàng Trần Nhân Tông (LIC)